Designing & Fine-Tuning Websites

To Make Phones Ring

Design & Fine-Tuning

We design, customize and fine-tune your site to make it produce more leads and calls:
A website must produce at least 1 of these 3 actions:
• A lukewarm visitor starts a conversation NOW
• An interested prospect calls NOW
• A return visitor feels compelled to call NOW Click to receive our 'Profitable Websites' Tips

Beautiful sites sell more.


You’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression:
Multiple studies show it takes people just a few seconds to form an idea about your biz. This first impression influences their decision to say YES! and do business with you.
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Customized sites generate more leads.


  • Highlight the benefits you provide
  • i

    Unique benefits: What are the unique benefits your business brings to the lives of your clients? Technical features alone don't express it. Define benefits to help people focus on your value. People choose 'value' over 'savings'. Learn more by subscribing to:
    'Profitable Websites Tips'
  • Lead more visitors to take action
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    Calls-to-action (CTAs): Words like 'Click Here' or 'Call Now'. are not CTAs.
    Why should visitors call you now instead of shopping around? What reasons do you give them to act now? Use calls-to-action. Learn more on calls-to-action by susbcribing to:
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  • Give a great mobile experience

46% of people judge credibility on design first

Source: Stanford University

Visitors judge design in 17 ms

Source: Google

First impressions are 94% design-related

Source: Northumbria University

Let’s brainstorm on a call for 30 minutes. Free for qualifying businesses…


An intelligent brainstorming session requires that we prepare the call by analyzing your site & its web presence (a value of $350). Please respect our time by showing up on time for our call. You will get huge value from this call.


Clients have given us some love. We share it.

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Making Phones Ring: It’s Process. Not Voodoo.

Based on 30 years of international business experience, our process gets results:

Analyze Key Performance Indicators to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Measure your website strengths
and weaknesses [40+ factors]

Iron out a lead generation plan to match objectives and budget.


Constraints: Sometimes a business can’t invest enough in their digital marketing to move the needle fast. Our Start-up Growth Plan requires a minimum cash outlay of $1,000/mth. If this is within reach, schedule your strategy call here, If this is too much for your biz at this time, no problem! Click to receive our ‘Profitable Websites’ Tips and improve your cash position.


  • Boost cashflow rapidly
  • Improve search engine presence
  • Boost your “calls/visitors” ratio

No-charge brainstorm session: Let’s get together on a call to cover objectives & priorities…


Budget: Our Start-up Growth Plan requires a minimum cash outlay of $1,000/mth. Though we always plan to boost your cashflow in the short-term, we don’t specialize in turning around difficult situations. Marketing requires time and (some) money. If the investment is too high for the time being, no problem!Click to receive our ‘Profitable Websites’ Tips

More + Warmer Leads

If you get 1 warm lead for every 100 visitors, how can we help improving this 1% ratio?

Some options:

Running ‘mini ad campaigns’ to find offers that produce more leads.


Cost of Google Ads: Between 2005 and 2016, the cost of a click in Google Ads has increased by over 500%. Between 2013 and 2016, this cost has more than doubled. In 2018, the average cost of a click reached $2.69 (Search network). To discuss our “minute ad campaigns” method, schedule a strategy call here.

Boosting the appeal of your offers.

Helping visitors give you their personal info for further marketing.


  • Stop investing in ads with poor returns
  • Qualify leads better for easier sales
  • Keep in touch with leads, no waste

Let’s see how we could increase
your lead generation numbers…


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