(It’s all) ABOUT (fine-tuning)

For a local business, the hottest
and most profitable leads
come from (a) networking groups
and (b) its website.

But what if your salesman
wasted 95% of these leads?

Mind you, that’s probably what
your website does: 95% of the
times, it can’t transform a visitor
into a lead… Until we work on it.

We fine-tune your site to boost
the volume of leads it sends you.

We help you make the most
out of this valuable money-
Discover how below.

In business, good design must make good business sense.


Most of your website visitors will also check out your competition


Increase the
% of visitors
you catch… before
they buy elsewhere


Create opportunities
to interact and
keep in touch
with them

The short slideshow below covers how to avoid wasting leads to your competitors: install and fine-tune the right ‘lead catchers’ on your site.

We can implement a full arsenal of lead catchers to help improve your numbers. They give your visitors multiple opportunities to interact with your business during the time they spend on your site. When they leave, these tools keep you in touch with them, immediately and even long after.

Intro slide

You spent all that money to get visitors on your website. When they leave to see what your competitors offer, they have become warmer than before.

Why waste so many warm leads… and let your competitors collect your money?

To help you right away, here is our own Assessment Checklist.
It evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your site.

Take 15 minutes to discover where your site wastes your money.
If you prefer to let us do this assessment, jump to the bottom of the Checklist.


Evaluate the efficiency of your site

1 Speed:

Is your site really speedy on desktop and mobile?
How fast compared with your competitors?

2 Relevance:

How fast do your visitors find the answers they are most likely to be looking for?

3 Engagement:

In how many ways do you try to engage your visitors into some interaction with your business?

4 Illustration:

Do you use video to illustrate your selling points or do you limit yourself to descriptive text?

5 Extra-mile:

Do you offer any downloadable that offers relevant, value-adding information?

6 Deals:

People love good deals. What sort of coupons, specials, extra add-ons do you offer them?

7 Social:

How do you entice your visitors to hook up with you on social media? What do you show them?

8 Exit gate:

Do you have any "last chance offer" for visitors starting to leave your site? Do you stop their exit?

9 Clawback:

What personal info do you get from your visitors to catch them back after they leave your site?


Share some information, we’ll send you our conclusions.
No charge. We’ll contact you later to discuss the results.

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    For privacy reasons and to avoid spambots, Vanguard Web Designers will call you in person to confirm that you requested this assessment. Please use a phone number we can call you at. Thank you!



    Vanguard Web Designers is a “boutique” web design firm. We do hyper-custom work for reputable local businesses.

    Since 1999, we have designed 3,000+ websites in the U.S., Europe, China and North Africa.

    We offer a rare combination of local &
    international business experience to make your site generate more wealth.


    Our clients love working with us for 3 main reasons:

    • We help building their wealth;
    • They feel we care about them;
    • Once fine-tuned, their site highlights their business in a unique way, and generates
      more leads than ever before.

    Read our reviews here


    You are unique and we show it. When we work with you, we highlight what sets you apart from the rest. We create ‘lead catchers’ with offers that your visitors can find attractive.

    We fine-tune your ‘lead catchers’ to generate more wealth. Your site becomes a lead
    generation machine: new names, new inquiries… Your phone rings!

    Watch clients’ videos here


    Vanguard Web Designers develops and fine-tune websites on Wordpress. Wordpress is cost-effective and offers many tools to create high-ROI sites.

    We can also recommend reliable and speedy hosting solutions: lower risk of hacking, faster speed, better user experience…


    40%-75% of your visitors will use
    their mobile phone to discover your business. Google gives priority to your mobile site.

    We custom-build mobile sites: fast, attractive & effective.

    Read why so-called ‘responsive’ mobile sites miss the mark


    We deliver websites already optimized for search engines. We also fine-tune websites with bad SEO.

    By the same token, we also fully optimize your Google My Business and your Bing Places local profiles and show you how best to update them.

    We have been doing SEO since 1999 for 3,500+ websites in multiple countries.